Welcome to my unique world of channelling, healing and personal transformation.

Welcome into my unique world of channelling, healing and personal transformation.

Bringing together the power of channelled energy healing and my deep love of nature and animals, this portal offers you safe space to open your heart, to move beyond yourself, your past, your wounds and your limiting beliefs and dive deep into the blissful relief of just being you.  

It’s quantum healing, spiritual awakening and personal transformation, all rolled into one… and it will help you to physically, emotionally and spiritually, thrive in your everyday life.

From personal one to ones, online and in person healing circles, safari retreats in Southern Africa and summer retreats in Spain, I am here for you and my role is to help you come home to you… with a whole lot of love, peace and joy.

Now, is your time…

Channelling & Healing

Receiving a channelled healing is an extremely personal experience. I work with a specific conscious collective presence and when I move into a trance state and hold this energy through my body, a powerful healing vibration is shared with those that are with me. It doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or on the other side of the world, the healing is personal and very tangible experience.

There are times where the collective consciuos presence will also speak through me and this can be profoundly moving and uplifting as wisdom and guidance is shared from a higher source.

Personal experiences can include:

Personal Channelling & Healing

All sessions take place online and you will have access to the replay.

Personal Channelling with Spoken Guidance – up to 1 hour:  £100
Pure Healing up to 1 hour:  £80
Pure Healing 30 minutes:  £50
6-card Illumination oracle card reading 45 minutes: £60
Pure healing with 6 card Illumination oracle card reading – 1 hour: £80

Book 3 sessions and receive 10% discount

Coming Soon

Join me on Patreon for live channelling and healing. There will be 3 layers of offerings to suit lifestyles, preferences and budgets… and with a growing international community the energy, love and connection will deepen and strengthen not only within ourselves but be shared out into the world.

Channelling & Healing Testimonials

Conscious Unity Safari Retreat

Come and join me in Southern Africa for a safari retreat of a lifetime. Enjoy up close encounters with herds of wild elephants and open ocean swims with pods of wild dolphins. Witness majestic lions in their natural habitat and marvel at silhouetted giraffes in the early morning mist and snorkel over unspoilt coral reefs. With luxurious accommodation, a personal chef, skilled local guides and the opportunity to deepen your personal experience with afternoon healing, channelling and sound journey circles, this is a full safari trip for the conscious traveller who wants to have an intimate and meaningful connection with Mother Africa, her lands oceans and wildlife and shared with like minded souls.

6th - 17th March 2025
Only 1 place remaining!

For full details visit www.consciousunityretreats.com

Safari Retreat Testimonials

The Trust Technique

As a Trust Technique Practitioner for small animals, I work with a specific mindfulness practice to bring about peace of mind and to deepen the authentic connection between animal and human in order to resolve problematic behavioural  issues. 

Animals and humans share feelings and it’s through this deep listening and feeling connection that we can assist animals to release their trauma, stress and tension. Working completely at the animal’s pace, we work with the animal and its owner together, to help promote a deepening connection built on trust, understanding and peace.  It can be life changing and transformational for animal and human alike.

If you would like to know more, or would like a consultation with me in the Alpujarras, please fill out the contact form below.

I really look forward to sharing this beautiful experience and connection with you and your animal.

Upcoming Events

Universal Reflexology is emotional and spiritual healing through the feet that brings about a physical and spiritual shift into balance, harmony and well being on all levels. It is a subtle, yet profoundly powerful, light touch technique that uses all the fingers and thumbs and incorporates colour visualisations to reflect the chakras as well as conscious intention and basic foot reading.

Moving into a meditative and intuitive state of being we will connect from sole to soul and see the process as a sacred heart connection.

The feet often share messages about ourselves which are shown through the shape, condition, markings, colours and unique features of the feet. You will learn to read the feet for personality traits as well as spiritual well-being.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested to learn more about the feet and themselves. No experience of reflexology is needed as you will leave here with the knowledge and tools that you can use for yourself, your family and friends. Qualified therapists can then incorporate this unique approach into their own treatments. This is not a reflexology qualification.

As the weekend progresses through the practical sessions, the workshop becomes a healing journey for the participant as they dive deeper into their own inner world through the feet. It can be an emotional, uplifting, grounding and fun couple of days while being fully guided and supported by Sally.

Universal Reflexology and the Language of the Feet was originally brought through by Chris Stormer Fryer and we honour this gift she has shared with the reflexology world.


  • Universal Reflexology MP3 – 1 hr audio follow-along spoken guide with the full sequence & 1 hr audio sound journey by Courtney Ward .
  • Personal channelled healing meditation video
  • Discount gift voucher worth €25 towards a 1 hr online personal channelled healing.
  • VIP offers are valid for 3 months from workshop date.

Come and join me for an uplifting healing half day, filled with inspiration and nourishment for your mind, body and soul.  Opening our hearts we will ground our energy, raise our vibration through meditations, drumming, readings and the channelled presence of the galactic collective that works through me.

No experience of meditation or anything spiritual is needed!

This day is an uplifting and supportive space for you to relax, receive and to enjoy experiences that take you beyond your every day self and into new possibilities of enhanced well being, heightened spiritual awareness, confidence and self growth.

The day will follow the flow, dynamic and focus of the group and will include a variety of immersive experiences to expand your consciousness to move beyond your limitations, beliefs, challenges and past.


Only 12 places available
Payment secures your place

Sally Whatsapp:  +34 644877604
Sally email:  hola@sallyclaridge.com













Sally is a naturally gifted channel and she works with a galactic, healing collective conscious presence that works and speaks through her.

The circle will start with a general introduction followed by a guided meditation into the channelling. There will be about 20 minutes of pure channelled healing energy when the collective will work with you personally and collectively with the group. The collective will share spoken guidance for the group and will then invite those who want to open their eyes to connect with them more deeply and share a personal message with them.

When Sally moves into the trance state she embodies their high vibrational presence and this radiates out as a healing energy that opens a portal for potential instantaneous physical healing, spiritual awakening, heightened conscious awareness as well as deep peace, a sense of being held and seen and overwhelming love.

Each person will feel and experience the presence uniquely for what they need at that time.

The in-person circles will close with one card Illumination Oracle reading for each person and some yummy chocolates.

Come with an open heart and mind!

For in-person circles bring a blanket, pillow, bottle of water, yoga mat, pen and paper.  Doors open 15 minutes before the start and close 10 minutes after.  This is to ensure there is no disturbance during the healing.


To be confirmed

The Ramana Wellness Centre
49 York Place

Creative Studios
4-6 Staffa Place
(access via Baird Ave)

The Ivy Room
58 Bonnygate Community Hub
KY15 4LD

Sole Retreat Spiritual & Wellness Centre
7 Main Road
IV30 1NY

A Wee Retreat
Unit 2, 4 School Brae
EH45 8AT

Quaker Meeting House
22 Marlborough Park N

County Wicklow, Ireland
Hollywood Forest Research Centre,
County Wicklow




For online channellings, there will be a virtual waiting room and you will be sent the link upon booking.  The meeting room will close before the channelling begins.  There will also be the chance to share and connect with Sally and the group at the end of the channelling and a replay will be available.



I was never the one to follow the crowd and I always yearned for an adventurous life filled with love. From being a competitive ice skater to flying the skies as cabin crew… from being a volunteer speaker for the Born Free Foundation to working in bars… it was when I had a massive spiritual awakening in my thirties that I began the real journey home to me.

Qualifying as an accredited reflexologist and an Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher in the early 2000’s was just the beginning. It was while living in Brazil that my heart was blasted wide open and I felt an overwhelming love that took me beyond words and into a extended state of euphoric bliss.  That was my first experience of connecting with the galactic conscious collective that works through me now. This, in itself, has been a journey of courage, self discovery and trust.

I’ve hosted workshops internationally and run various healing retreats in Brazil, UK, Ireland, Southern Africa and Spain.

Deeply intuitive, empathic and compassionate, I like to stay grounded, live life to the full and keep the ’wuwu’ real!  I’ve overcome years of silently suffering from panic attacks, self doubt and low self worth… and more recently the menopause. 

I know what it’s like to be lost in emotional turmoil but I also know that you can rise up and move beyond your past to meet yourself with love

Mainly an introvert that loves a quiet life in the mountains… my inner wild woman loves dancing to uplifting trance… vinyasa yoga keeps me sane… paddling boarding brings me peace… animals make my heart soar… and I do love the odd mojito.

Your healing and personal transformation is my passion and my purpose… and I am here for you.

If your heart feels the call to connect… I’d love to hear from you.  

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