“From beyond the stars you came

and upon Mother Earth you walk.”

~ The Star Beings ~

There really are no words to express the frequency that Sally holds through channelling the Star Beings.

Jayme Williams

Welcome into my online portal, where the galactic presence of a unique Star Being collective, offers unprecedented and powerful healing, awakening and growth for our mind, body and soul.  As a trance and embodying channel, I am the bridge for their vibrational healing, spoken guidance and light language, to release, shift and transmute the blocks, fears, beliefs and physical conditions that have held us back from living our truth in harmony, health, peace and love. 

It might not be run of the mill. But it’s the real deal.

My love of animals and Mother Earth along with a grounded humour and delight in cava and crisps, brings a whole new meaning to high vibe, authentic presence.

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience that leaves behind the fluffy airy-fairy and takes you into the depths of your limitless multi-dimensional being, then you’ve definitely landed in the right place.

I’m delighted to share this space with you… and I invite you to join me for this amazing, crazy ride that brings us home to our earthly hearts from beyond the stars.

Join my free Facebook group ‘The Tribe’ and enjoy a monthly Healing Transmission with Light Language, insights, inspiration and grounded enlightened humour.

I am so grateful to Sally and her channelling energies for the profound healing! 

Julie Parker


Step into a powerful, personal healing portal with the Star Beings as they connect with you and share a pure healing transmission including activating light language, direct spoken channelled guidance and all that comes through, especially for you.  Because you’re absolutely worth it.


Join my high vibe online membership sharing two channellings a week plus Illumination readings, personal messages from the Star Beings that brings galactic magic to the mundane along with grounded humour and non fluffy spiritual support to enhance your everyday life.  Super special yet surprisingly low cost.


Escape to the Spanish Alpujarra mountains for a heart opening and reviving, tailor made retreat.  Enjoy transformational healing circles, drumming, holistic pampering, rest, sunshine and the gift of nutritious delicious food in a gorgeous, luxurious venue.  You know you want to.


A reading and healing all in one. The Illumination oracle cards share messages for your heart and mind while bathing in the healing energy of the Star Beings.  Meet yourself through the cards to step forward with ease, grace, insight and a whole lot of love.  Everyone loves a card pull.


Personal and group workshops on request, teaching all levels of Usui Reiki, the emotional and spiritually healing light touch of Universal Reflexology and insights of Foot Reading.  Deepen your personal growth and self discovery and dive into you.  Uplifting, transformational, heart opening, supportive and fun. Now, is your time.


Join me on my new healing path in becoming a certified Trust Technique practitioner. It’s animal healing and communication through peace of mind and a whole lot more. Vlogs, stories, and insights from within my learning flow.

When your heart hears the call, you’ve just got to answer.

Sally is really engaging and inspiring and her readings are so thought-provoking and helpful…filled with love and positivity and I’d highly recommend it!

Samantha Neville