Conscious Unity Safari Retreat

Nature and animals have long been a deep passion of mine. From sitting under a tree to being inspired by a view to feeling the unconditional love from animals and to being motivated into speaking up for keeping wildlife in the wild through the Born Free Foundation… I always knew I’d end up working with animals in one way or another.

And my Conscious Unity Safari Retreat is exactly how this has manifested in my adult life and as part of my path as a healer and channel… and most recently as a student practitioner of The Trust Technique.

Experiencing up close and personal encounters with Africa’s wildlife is a dream come true. Being out in the bush and feeling the energy of the land, fills your heart with anticipation of what awaits around the corner. Maybe it’s the giant bull elephant with his incredible tusks… or perhaps it’s the small red duiker antelope… or the infamous dung beetle who is the core of the African ecosystem… or the powerful presence of the cape buffalo… or being in the open ocean with wild bottlenose dolphins… to me, all life is part of our innate Oneness with Mother Earth that has been forgotten and somewhat lost through the hectic ‘doing’ of our everyday lives.

Running and hosting this retreat is, for me, sacred work. Not only do we get to have the most incredible natural and emotional encounters with African wildlife… but these encounters open our hearts to experience a spiritual journey within, that often creates positive transformation in our lives.

From witnessing herds of wild elephants to swimming with resident pods of wild dolphins, Conscious Unity Safari Retreat takes you deeper into the heart of you. From being in awe of silhouetted giraffes in the early morning mist to feeling speechless as wild lions laze on the track in front of you. These are experiences that become lifetime memories, treasured forever.

With a small group of only 11 guests, accommodation that is luxurious and exclusive… you will be nurtured, held, guided, supported, celebrated… and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

We only have space for one couple or a solo traveller left.

7th – 18th March 2024

Email me to secure your place:

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