The Trust Technique

Come and join me on my new path as I move through the journey to become a Trust Technique Practitioner. As I move through the Diploma course I am sharing personal Vlogs on YouTube which share my experiences as I start working with animals and also go behind the scenes of our off grid life in here in the Spanish Alpujarras.

The Trust Technique was created by James French and is a powerful and beautiful way of connecting with animals and helping them through peace of mind, in order to resolve, heal and release difficult behavioural issues and create a deeper bond based on trust.

Not only are you working with the animal, but you work with the owner and the animal together in order to establish a deeper understanding, connection and communication born from peace of mind and trust.

Gone are the days of dominance, fear based training and of using animals without honouring them as sentient conscious beings with feelings and needs of their own. 

When we ‘listen’ to an animal through its behaviour and energy, and help release their anxiety, fears, anger, grief and past trauma… we open the door to a new life for them and an improved relationship with them.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, captive lion or abused bile bear… all animals can be helped through patience, peace and gentle, loving persistence.

Way back in my twenties, I volunteered for the Born Free Foundation and gave talks in schools on why animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity.  Animal welfare is a passion that has never left me

If you live in the Alpujarras in Southern Spain and you are interested in me working with you and your animal, then please do reach out!

Vlog 4