Linda Hughes, Mindful Wishes, Scotland

I experienced instantaneous physical healing of 17 neurological symptoms that were preventing me from being able to walk and talk, with a very poor prognosis for recovery.  In just one sitting with Sally and the Star Beings, with Jo Beth Young also sharing Bio-energy, these symptoms cleared within the hour.  As Sally channelled, I fell into a blissful state and felt like there were bubbles of release moving up my spine and she didn’t even touch me or say a word.  My healing transformed my life and I am now a member of her Healing Collective group.

Linda Hughes, Mindful Wishes, Scotland

Seanin Mouland, Rainbow Awakening, England

I’ve been following Sally for a long time, and NO channel resonates as deeply.  The Star Beings are incredible, magnificent energies with SUCH miraculous power.  I was struggling with seizures a number of months back and the channellings were the ONLY thing that allowed for complete release (almost instantaneous) of tension.  They’re rocket fuel CBD of the Cosmic realm and I’m not kidding when I say that.  Then I experienced them in person… I felt drunk on love, joy, peace, and bliss for hours and hours and hours.  She means it when she says they’re the ‘real deal’.  Has to be experienced.  A once in a lifetime wonder of the world, to be revisited again and again and again!

Seanin Mouland, Rainbow Awakening, England

My healing with the Star Beings was beautiful beyond words – it was powerful and PURE LOVE.  The Light Language was true communication – a morse code of Light – how I would imagine true communication with the Star Beings to be – the morse code sending pulses of vibration to change the cellular and molecular structure of my being.  It connected me to my channel of Light that connects me to my source of cosmic connection and communication.

Isobel Stamford, Founder of Isabela Jewellery, Scotland

Sally, I can’t thank you enough for how you have kept me going through such a tumultuous year. Anyone who is thinking of joining The Healing Collective won’t be disappointed. The delight of spending time with Sally coupled with the beautiful healing energy of the Star Beings is amazing. I let go of a lot this past year but one thing I refused to let go of was this. The time spent with Sally and the Star Beings is so special. Thank you.

Jane Hart, Faerie Seer, England

When you are in the midst of emotional pain and discomfort, it’s hard to identify the cause.  That’s where I was prior to participating in Sally’s Healing transmission.  The experience was without doubt ‘out of body’ in that I could see outside of my pain.  Not only did I find the root of my pain, but the vibration of love that Sally channelled and gifted me, soothed it into submission.  Finding comfort in discomfort has been transformational.  Sally’s channelling has cleared away my pain so that I can continue my journey to greatness.  Sally is truly gifted and I am forever grateful for her and her Star Being collective.

Jacqui Be, Jacqui Be Intuitive, New Zealand

I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to experience the powerful energy of the Star Beings as Sally allows herself to be an incorporating channel.  I found the I could feel the energy long before the session would start.  This is the absolute REAL DEAL and there is no way you cannot feel their presence and the healing energy they bring forth.  I am left in no doubt that they can see us at a deeper level than our physical being as their messages are spot on and direct but given in such a loving way to help you on both the physical and spiritual levels, and you can feel the healing continue with you for days.  I wasn’t alone in being in love and awe of the Star Beings as her Healing Circles were packed out time and time again as people squeezed in to bathe in the powerful loving and healing vibration.  I can only imagine how powerful a personal channelling would be.

Morag Simpson, Rainbow Prism & Reiki Master, Scotland

Jayme Azeyria Williams Rare, Sacred Vibrational Therapy, USA

The frequency that comes through during the healing session has helped me remember the truth of who I am.  It’s helped me to see and feel that love and bliss are our natural states of being and when we keep inviting this frequency into our lives, we shift into harmony and balance.  It’s helped me to understand on a deeper level that everything we seek resides within us and that nothing in our external worlds can fulfill our craving for the connection to the divinity that we hold within.  The weekly healings have allowed me to see the multiple aspects of my life. Overall, all of these realisations have brought much peace and clarity in my life, allowing me to move even deeper into my creator template.

Jayme Azeyria Williams Rare, Sacred Vibrational Therapy, USA

Julie Parker, Pellowah Energy Healing, Australia

I am so grateful to Sally and her channelling energies for the profound healing!  Over the past 17 years, I have struggled with deep breathing:  feeling constricted in my capacity to fill my lungs and experiencing a ‘catching’ of the breath that seemed to prevent me from inhaling on a deeper level.  During the webinar with Sally, I noticed a lot of f heat and tingling around my lungs and across the heart chakra area.  By the end of the webinar, I was able to breathe far deeper than I have for 20 years!  There was no catching and deep breathing came with ease!  I had used many healing techniques and modalities in an attempt to shift this persistent issue, but to no avail.  I had an understanding of the emotional block, yet could not achieve what Sally and the Star Beings did in just over 30 minutes.  The freedom to breathe deeply has benefitted all areas of my life.  Thank you thank you thank you, Sally!

Julie Parker, Pellowah Energy Healing, Australia

Thank you SO much for one of the most profoundly deep and loving energy healing sessions I have ever experienced. I’m extremely sensitive to energy, have worked with subtle energies for many years, so I’m extremely discerning about who I go to for any healing modality. When I looked at Sally’s website and read about Channelling Love, my soul’s intuition to experience it was a definite ‘yes’. The connection throughout the session was incredibly strong. My heart felt like the size of a planet by the end of the Channelling! This delicious feeling has remained and I have experienced a massive shift and sense of connection with my Star family, which can only be described as a ‘homecoming’. I will be returning! If you’ve been considering receiving a Channelling experience with Sally, I’d say ‘do it’, especially if you’re an experienced Practitioner, Channel, or Light Leader. With much love and heartfelt thanks to you Sally and your Team.

Jenny Slater, Menopause Mentor, Healer, Animal Communicator, France

I have been working with Sally and the Star Beings in her Healing Collective group since near enough the beginning.  It’s been mind blowing, heart opening, trusting and just being in the energy of love.  I feel totally different now than when I first joined, which was actually a leap of faith.  I have had huge shifts and breakthroughs in my own healing and life.  I have seen the Star Beings and felt them be by my side giving me healing, comfort, support and opening my heart to infinite possibilities in my own life.  Sally is what she says and is true to her heart calling and her work is unique.  You will be moved beyond your wildest dreams. 

Aileen Anne Sullivan, Angel Intuitive Coach, Soul Guidance, Scotland

Sally is a pure gem and her honest and authentic approach to everything and she puts her magnanimous heart and integrity into all that she is bringing in her co-creation with the Star Beings, Mother Earth and So many others! I had a 75-minute Illumination Reading, all the while, being safe and feeling the loving space we were both held in. It was all heart-led and so profoundly accurate and her intuition was spot on, helping me to ‘See’ clearly and remember, who I really am, where I’ve been and hope to best navigate this life for my highest good and growth! I’ve had many readings before, but this one with Sally was the most comprehensive, validating and it informed me with what I needed to know! I am so very grateful and I love you to pieces! You are truly a gift to us all! I highly recommend her!

Bonnie Presiloski, Healer & Medium, Canada

I first met Sally a few years ago at an exhibition and was so blown away with my mini reading. Her words were so inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear at the time as I was going through several big changes and feeling really unsettled and lost. I reached out a few weeks ago because I felt I needed a little clarity after a tough year of struggling with Covid restrictions, feeling the pressures of work and again feeling quite unsettled. Sally is really engaging and inspiring and her readings are so thought-provoking and helpful. They’re filled with love and positivity and I’d highly recommend it! I definitely came away with more clarity and direction and self-confidence. Thank you!

Samantha Neville, England

Light Language testimonials/reactions/comments

Most powerful, incredible, amazing and EXPANDING Light Language I have ever, ever felt.  And I mean felt!  EVERYWHERE!  I can physically SEE the Star Beings when I hear this!!  It transports m!

Wow Sally, there is so much in there!  I could see the codes dancing in front of my eyes.  Powerful stuff.

Gives me goosebumps, tingling all over, like speaking in tongues, beautiful!

Just watched your light language post.  Tears streaming down my face and covered in Godbumps.  Thank you lovely lady.

Holy Shift!  We just listened to your light language now and nearly fell off our seats.  So powerful and activated me right away.  Wow.  Thank you so much dearest sister of light, what a gift and blessing you are!

Wow!  That’s amazing and intense!

OMG Sally!!!  This has affected me more than any Light Language I’ve ever heard… usually I don’t experience too much but listening to this, I feel it on every level, thank you.

Ooooh, I love it Sally.  Your Light Language is compelling to listen to, I feel like it’s really ‘tapping into me.’  Thank you for being brave and sharing this with us!