Teaching lights up my heart and with almost 20 years of experience in healing and spiritual development, you’re in good hands.  All my workshops offer you an open supportive, sacred space for you to discover, experience, inquire, learn, practice, and move more deeply into your own healing as well as learning a healing skill. 

Universal Reflexology

Learn how to apply the powerful, light-touch techniques of Universal Reflexology to share a full treatment of healing through the feet.  This can only be done in-person. No Zoom meetings for this course!

Sharing traditional reflexology theory and then applying foot reading, the chakras, colours, different touches, and the emotional and spiritual aspects of the feet you will learn how to intuitively share this healing method with family and friends.

This workshop often becomes your own healing journey and is open to all who hear the call.  Holistic practitioners will be able to incorporate these techniques into their own treatments.

  • Shared over 2 full consecutive days
  • Fully comprehensive handout to keep

* This is not a reflexology practitioner qualification.


Foot Reading

Did you know that your feet share messages about you and for you, through their unique shapes and conditions?  From the tips of your toes to the back of your heels you’ll learn basic intuitive foot reading skills highlighting personality traits with emotional and spiritual well-being and how you can use this for yourself, family and friends. 

This is not like palm reading. It’s your soles’ messages for your soul and it can be deeply moving as well as fun as you meet yourself through your feet. This can only be done in-person. No Zoom meetings for this course!

You will receive a comprehensive handout to keep and there will be plenty of opportunity within the day to put your ‘sole wisdom’ into practice.


Teaching Reiki in Spain

Usui Reiki

Learn the traditional Japanese energy healing art of Usui Reiki.  Reiki is a gentle, powerful, non-invasive healing energy for treating dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit.  You will learn the history, theory, Reiki principles and gain hands on experience after receiving the Attunement.  All levels come with comprehensive handout to keep.

  • Level I – Personal – 1 Day – €150
  • Level II – Practitioner 1 Day – €180
  • Level III – Master – 1 Day – on request
  • Level IV – Teacher – 2 Days – on request

Levels I & II may be taken over 2 consecutive days.

Learning Reiki initiates a spiritual shift within you as your vibration rises, your self-awareness deepens and your heart and intuitive sensitivities expand. It not only becomes a healing tool for yourself and others, but a compassionate, empowering, and fulfilling way of life.

As one of my global ‘Reiki babies’ I will continue to support your learning experiences and healing path beyond the workshop.  You will not be left dangling!

I really look forward to sharing your Reiki journey with you.