Welcome to a reading and healing all in one, where you are held in the expansive energy vortex of the Star Beings as the Illumination Oracle cards share powerful messages for your heart and mind.

Illumination readings work with, and for your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. They share insights around what you’ve been moving through, where you’re at now and the energies coming in for moving forward.

They are the readings where you meet yourself, where your heart can be heard, where your intuition says “Yes!’ and where you can align with your path and growth to move forward with reassurance, confidence, peace, and trust.

There are no Gypsy Rose Lee future predictions here, but there is a whole lot of down-to-earth insight, positivity, encouragement, animated, enlightening, and heartfelt conversations. 

Readings take place through Zoom and you receive the audio recording to keep with an image of the final card layout to refer to.

6 cards – 40 minutes


16 cards – 75 minutes


The Illumination Oracle Deck was created and published by myself and Jo Beth Young in 2013 and quickly sold out!  It’s been described as a deck where you hear the unheard messages of your heart and this creates a healing shift within you.  It is not uncommon to experience changes after a reading as the healing energy brings you into alignment with your path, yourself, and your life.

I first met Sally a few years ago at an exhibition and was so blown away with my mini reading. Her words were so inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear at the time as I was going through several big changes and feeling really unsettled and lost. I reached out a few weeks ago because I felt I needed a little clarity after a tough year of struggling with Covid restrictions, feeling the pressures of work and again feeling quite unsettled. Sally is really engaging and inspiring and her readings are so thought-provoking and helpful. They’re filled with love and positivity and I’d highly recommend it! I definitely came away with more clarity and direction and self-confidence. Thank you!

Samantha N, England