Personal Chanelling

This isn’t your everyday sort of healing and channelling.  You are literally stepping into a personal healing portal with this powerful, conscious collective of Star Beings who connect and work directly with you, for your highest wellbeing.

It’s a deeply personal, moving, and powerful experience that has brought about instantaneous physical healing, spiritual awakening, emotional breakthrough, and a deeper, stronger connection with self.

Their vibrational presence, spoken guidance, and activating Light Language shifts and awakens your inner world to bring alignment to all layers of your being. Put simply, it’s love from beyond the stars. It’s healing. It’s awakening. It takes you out of your mind and into your heart.  It’s life-changing.

A strong sense of being held
Deep peace
A depth of love that can’t be described
Heat and different sensations within your body
Vivid colours and light
Receiving of messages
Relief of physical ailments
Creative inspiration
Blissful euphoria
And so much more…

Linda Hughes, Mindful Wishes, Scotland

I experienced instantaneous physical healing of 17 neurological symptoms that were preventing me from being able to walk and talk, with a very poor prognosis for recovery.  In just one sitting with Sally and the Star Beings, with Jo Beth Young also sharing Bio-energy, these symptoms cleared within the hour.  As Sally channelled, I fell into a blissful state and felt like there were bubbles of release moving up my spine and she didn’t even touch me or say a word.  My healing transformed my life and I am now a member of her Healing Collective group.

Linda Hughes, Mindful Wishes, Scotland

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Using Zoom, we come together in Sacred Space.

Together, with the Star Beings, we will share:
Introductory chat
Guided Meditation into the healing
Pure Healing Transmission
Spoken Guidance from the Star Beings
Verbalized Light Language
Closing chat
1 hour with the audio recording for you to keep

“Come with an open heart and mind.  When I channel and the Star Beings speak through me, my demeanour and voice changes to become strongly masculine and direct! While I am in trance I am distantly aware of what is happening but I have no input or control over what is being shared and no memory of what happens when I come out of trance.  I won’t be able to give you insight into your time with them but you will have the audio recording to refer to.

Not only will you have an hour with Sally and the Star Beings,

you also have the option for a free 30-minute pure Healing Transmission follow up within 3 weeks of your first session

Give yourself the chance to heal.

Once you have booked, Sally will be in touch within 24 hours.

This is the opportunity for you to secure your time with her and the Star Beings.