The Healing Collective

Let’s face it.  Who wants to feel uplifted, supported, loved, and seen…and transcend the waves of earthly life with graceful, grounded awareness but without the pressures of expectations and a giant hole in your wallet? 

Well, welcome home to the Healing Collective!

This is my super special Facebook community and membership group. It’s the place where you’ll find me and the Star Beings twice a week sharing healing, channelling, readings, creating earth mandalas….and…it’s the space where you can ask your questions to this incredible galactic collective.

The high vibe newsfeed is clear of clutter…you’re free to post, share, participate or enjoy quietly from the sidelines…and we’ll love, support and celebrate you in just being you.

The Healing Collective offers you galactic magic within the mundane.

You’ll enjoy and hugely benefit from:

  • Monthly Healing Earth Mandala Ceremony, livestreamed out on the mountain, created and infused with all your healing intentions for your loved ones, for the month ahead. First Monday of the month.
  • Monday afternoon livestreams sharing Illumination Oracle insights for the week ahead, personal message/card for each member and Pure Healing Transmission from the Star Beings.
  • Last Monday of the month – Livestream Illumination reading for the month ahead with Pure Healing Transmission to align with the highest vibes and possibilities for us all.
  • Thursday Zoom calls.  Fully embodied channelling with healing, spoken guidance for the group, activating light language, enhanced visual connection from the Star Beings… and the joy of sitting virtually in circle with each other.
  • ‘Conversations with the Star Beings’ Zoom call – last Thursday of the month, a special channelling where each member can ask their question and talk with the Star Beings.
  • Private replay playlists on YouTube so you never miss out.

There’s no doubt that regularly immersing in the healing, transformational and awakening vibration of the Star Beings with like-minded souls, brings a spring to your step, confidence into your being and the power of peace and love into your heart.

You’ll wonder how you ever navigated earthly life without it.

€40 per month – PayPal automated payments. No minimum sign up.

Once you have signed up, please come and ask to join the Healing Collective on Facebook…I cannot add you in otherwise!

I have been working with Sally and the Star Beings in her Healing Collective group since near enough the beginning.  It’s been mind-blowing, heart-opening, trusting, and just being in the energy of love.  I feel totally different now than when I first joined, which was actually a leap of faith.  I have had huge shifts and breakthroughs in my own healing and life.  I have seen the Star Beings and felt them be by my side giving me healing, comfort, support, and opening my heart to infinite possibilities in my own life.  Sally is what she says and is true to her heart calling and her work is unique.  You will be moved beyond your wildest dreams. Aileen Anne Sullivan, Angel Intuitive Coach, Soul Guidance, Scotland