Todd Medina’s SoulSpeaks 5D

I just love how the Universe works.  All it took was for me to speak my truth and step out of my self imposed spiral and hey presto, in comes an invitation to appear on Todd Medina’s SoulSpeaks 5D show again…. literally within 24 hours of me posting my last blog sharing on Facebook.

Todd has a major global following and he’s dedicated his life to creating and hosting the Soulogy Network online platform to raise consciousness and expand awareness through uniting in love.  He does this through a stream of uplifting, real life, spiritually based interviews with people from all around the world…. and it’s simultaneously shared over 14 social media platforms such as Facebook Youtube and Instagram.

So you can see why I was delighted and surprised to be asked back again… especially after my lack of social media interaction for the latter part of last year!

We shared a great conversation that ranged from ‘why did you disappear’ to how many healers and lightworkers are answering the call to be more ‘human’ as the old images and expectations of being ‘spiritual’ fall away.  All aligned perfectly after my ‘truth bomb’ posting!

I hope you enjoy this conversation and join Todd again on one of his many live shows.

Lots of Love and a great big hug,

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