The Power of Change

Isn’t it funny how we often crave and long for change and then when it comes knocking at our door, we run back inside desperately searching for our comfort zone and the safety of normality.  I think it’s safe to say that change is unsettling for everyone… but when we have the courage to step forward… maybe even take a leap of faith, then the field of limitless possibilities opens up before us.

Often we are challenged.  Often we are scared.  Often we self sabotage.  Often we limit our visions and goals and are governed by the limits of our past experiences.

But what if… just what if, you were to hear the call of your heart and trust the call of your heart…. and even more importantly… take action on the call of your heart.  You know the call of your heart… it’s that inner voice and feeling that doesn’t go away… the one that says,

“This isn’t working for you…”


“It’s time to move…”


“Go on… make a commitment…”


“Stand up and speak up…’

We all know that voice well, but more often than not, we ignore it because it will mean making changes that might upset and impact others, or we question how on earth it will even be possible… or how our material and financial security will be maintained.

And then before we know it… our fears, old beliefs and conditioned behavioural patterns have talked us out of it.

Well… I totally get it because I’ve been there too.  I know what that’s like because I’ve stood on the edge of some pretty major cliff jumps and had the torturous internal arguments for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ … ‘should I or shouldn’t I.’   

But what has been proven to me each time… is that when you take that deep breath and answer the call of your heart and leap into new unchartered territories, the Universe swoops in to support you and you realise that you had your own pair of special wings all along… and some pretty awesome Big Girl Goddess Pants on too.

Now, some people will have you believe that when you start following your heart and making changes in your life, it’s a continual floaty fluffy happy ride… but… I like to keep it real. 

Guaranteed,  the shit will hit the fan at some point.

But that’s OK too!

Don’t be afraid of a few bumps along the way, because it’s all part of this wonderfully crazy human experience.  It’s these lumps and bumps that make us… it’s the roller coaster that reminds us of what it feels like to BE ALIVE.

Do you really want to be trapped in a grey life, in autopilot, that doesn’t bring you the good stuff?

Oh my goodness, when we choose our happiness, our wellbeing, our dreams… then the magic of the Universal flow, picks up its pace and synchronicities start happening.  You’re filled with renewed energy for your endeavours and path… doors open… and rewards for your courage start to come through.  And what is most rewarding, is the renewed sense of self worth.  The “Oh My God… I actually did it!”

I suppose it’s a bit like an adrenaline sport… there’s the fear, the resistance, the nerves… and then the rush of actually doing ‘it’ … followed by the relief, the delight …and the euphoria of having survived and…  actually enjoyed it… and that it’s created positive shifts in other areas of your life too!

There’s no doubt that change can be bit of a head-f*ck… but it’s a win-win for your heart, your truth and your dreams.

So go on… whatever the whisper in your heart is saying… start listening to it.

It’s time for you to take that leap of faith.

Big love and hugs

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