A New Year

So here I am up on the roof… it’s January 2021 and blowing an absolute hoolie, it’s wild, it’s cold, it’s invigorating, the sun shines out from between the clouds… it’s cleansing and clearing and these words are running rampant in my mind, so I’m following the flow and internal nudge to share.  I’m also allowing my ego to have a ball, while taking selfies against the sun, in a valiant conscious choice to remind and re-align myself with knowing that the light is always there… within us and around us and of us.

But if you’re sensitive to expletives, you’d better stop reading now because seriously… What the F*ck!!??  Jeeezus F*cking H Christ.  The human me is so Oooover it all… I’m soooo sick of it.  I’m sick of all the governments… I’m sick of the mainstream media and the bullshit fear they are spreading… I’m sick of the continual struggle to make ends meet when all creative endeavours to earn a living are being limited… and I’m just as sick of the whole conspiracy theorist stream too.

And yet…

When I take a breath, step back from my own conditioned fear and behavioural patterns and come back to me,  the inner Sally… well…. she is just quietly chilling out with a bottle of el cheapo cava and a very big box of popcorn… observing, feeling, accepting and knowing that whatever the F happens, it’s all going to be ok.

For the last 6 months or so, you may have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t been showing up that much on Facebook in Channelling Love mode.  The truth is that I’ve been residing into some very dark places of questioning practically everything about myself, my work and ‘just WTF is it all about.’  Sometimes just getting up in the morning without crying has been the achievement of the day.  I have always promised to show up in complete truth… so to come on livestream as a light worker and supposed leader and spread what would be, from my point of view, ‘fake high vibes’ … just wasn’t going to happen.  Besides… I wouldn’t have had much to say beyond “FFS… and… WTF!!” anyway.

I should also add that I’m completely and utterly menopausal… (yup, I’m mentioning THAT unmentionable too)… so add this into the Global Rona Awakening WTF Reset  mix and I’ll understand if you want to run for the hills now.  I do want to take this moment though to acknowledge that my handsome husband has been my hero and my rock… although there are mornings when even he heads for the hills when we both realise that it’s a Shakti day.  Also mega credit to my friend and healer Morayma Harp, whose remedies have kept my body going and tended to my heart and mind when they haven’t wanted to keep going.

Do my confessions of deep dark emotional pits, fedup-ness and f*cked-upness make me less spiritual because I’m not all fluffy love and light or diving into doing the inner work to ‘Be Better?’  Can’t I just Be Me?

Do my gut feelings about what’s going on in the world make me one of those judged to be a conspiracy theorist?  Do my words trigger you?  Does my truth make you uncomfortable?  Well… good!  Because I’m tired of hiding behind  “I’m ok”  and I’m tired of trying not to offend the myriad of beliefs out there, especially within those that I love and treasure. 

Everyone has a belief and opinion right now… but seriously… in the Star Beings own paraphrased words… if we all just came back to our hearts and love… then peace would reign in our beautiful world.  Simplistic maybe… but true all the same.

What’s truly amazing, (although I really shouldn’t be surprised after all these years) is that through everything I’ve been going through these past months… as soon as I’ve stepped into circle to channel for my small and much loved membership group… when I get over myself, drop completely into my heart and surrender over to the presence of the Star Beings… EVERYTHING  mind led, fear led, ego led, control led, victim led, lack led and all of that wonderful human shebangness… just drops away and the LOVE really is ALL that matters.  And I feel SO much better!

We’ve come out of channellings and been so deeply moved by the power of this healing galactic love, that we’ve all been speechless.  All it takes is the choice… to step out of your mind and story… to choose love… to come back to love and to BE love. 

Feel everything, explore all sides of everything… be real with yourself… be truthful but loving in your honesty… be compassionately real with others… let go of needing to be right… speak from your heart and love… even F*ck Off can be said with love and a wry smile. 

I don’t care if you wear a mask or don’t wear a mask.  I don’t care if you wear a black hat or white hat.  I don’t care if you believe in the ‘vaczine’ or won’t touch it with a barge pole.  And I won’t be pulled into arguing, defending or explaining why or how I feel either.  I don’t care if you watch BBC news or Bitchute…  all I ask is that you come back to your heart, open your heart way further than you think you can and become part of helping to heal this division and separation in humanity that is becoming a war in itself that’s preventing us from rising together in PEACE and sovereignty.

I will continue to shine my light… even if I don’t do it so obviously and publicly on social media… I will continue to share healing for those that find their way to me… I will continue to shine my light from under my own personal, transformational and perfect black cloud… I will continue to quietly share love and healing with the world through simply living my conscious truth. 

At the end of the day… we ARE ALL miraculous conscious perfectly f*cked up Divine sparks of stardust, experiencing this human life, in this infinite moment of ‘whatever the F is going on.’

Hang on in there my lovelies… big love and hugs all round.

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