An example day

Your morning

After a nourishing and relaxing breakfast out on the terrace, we will meet in the beautiful sacred space of El Durbar. This is the glass-fronted studio overlooking the valley. The perfect place to immerse yourself in your chosen retreat experience.  We start each morning by tuning into our hearts to connect with our higher selves,  grounding with Mother Earth, and raising our vibration. 

The channelling morning circles offer you a deeply moving and personal connection. These will include pure healing transmissions, spoken insights, light language activations, personal messages, and a light encoded visual connection.

The reiki and reflexology retreats will take you into the theory and practical ‘hands-on experience of your chosen speciality.  You will be given comprehensive handouts to keep and there will be wonderful volunteers that come in for you to work with, during the appropriate practical sessions.

A pre-breakfast yoga class can be booked.
Breaks will offer healthy energising refreshments.

Early afternoon

After a leisurely light lunch, the afternoons will vary according to your chosen retreat. 

On the channelling retreat, you will have more free time, giving your body the chance to process the morning’s healing and channelling.

For the reiki and reflexology retreats, we will continue the deepening of knowledge and experience. Always following needs of the group and/or individuals.  Siestas or extended sessions where the creative energy guide us gives us the freedom to learn as we listen to our intuition and body’s needs.

Late afternoons

As the heat of the afternoon fades, the channelling retreat offers sacred circles. Choose from drumming out in nature, a visit to the powerful vortex energies of Lanjarón’s Moorish Castle, or insightful Illumination Oracle card readings next to the waterfall.  You could find yourself drawn to co-create a healing earth mandala further up the mountain. 

Reiki and reflexology retreats continue to follow the flow of the group and can always be adjusted to enjoy and incorporate any of the above circles.

Treat yourself

Dive into your own self-care and book a massage, yoga class, head massage, reiki, singing bowl therapy, well being consultation or even arrange to have some handmade wool dreadlocks installed or go horse trekking.  All therapists are fully qualified and speak English.

All will be incorporated into your retreat and must be pre-booked and paid for.


A fulfilling early evening meal with a delicious dessert will be enjoyed out on the terrace. Here you can marvel at the sunset and then watch the stars shining out from the clear Alpujarran night skies. Chill out with the group or take some quiet time alone. You are free to retire to the comfort of your bedroom whenever you wish.

Find out more about the venue itself here.