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Conscious Unity Safari Retreat

We are back!  I am so delighted and excited along all the adjectives you can imagine... to share that in March 2023 I will once again be hosting an African Safari retreat with Courtney Ward of Halo Gaia Adventure Travel.


2nd  - 13th March 2023


Conscious Unity is a 12 day retreat that welcomes you into the Africa bush to experience organic, up close and moving encounters with herds of wild elephants... to feel the magic of sunrise and sunset.. to witness the organic flow of life... to marvel in the Big 5 and to feel a connection with wild animals that takes you beyond words.


And then, from the dry African bush to the liquid blue of the Indian ocean off the coast of Southern Mozambique you will have the rare opportunity of enjoying open ocean swims with pods of wild dolphins.  Totally respectful, and on the dolphins terms and natures conditions... you will meet these incredible souls in their home environment and interact and play upon their invitation.


Once experienced... never forgotten... and held in your heart forever.


Intimate - Authentic - Uplifting - Fun


No impersonal, over crowded touristy trails here... just a genuine, heart felt connection with nature, wildlife, African culture and community... while enjoying the luxuries of African hospitality and catering.


Only 11 places available on this retreat.


For further information visit:
Conscious Unity Safari Retreat Website


With full  itinerary and booking details available 


Courtney and I look forward to welcoming you to Southern Africa for the holiday and retreat of a lifetime.


Secure your place now...


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Meanwhile... back in the Alpujarra mountains in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain.. the roller coaster of life continues..


My new path as a student Trust Technique Practitioner continues to unfold and there are personal insightful, real life, straight from the heart vlogs that share my journey in off gird life and my deepening connection with animals. 


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And there's even a special playlist with 3 special vlogs dedicated to my time at Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary in Murcia in Spain,  where I finally over came my anxiety around horses... and disovered my love for pigs and donkeys...


Thanks for landing here on my page and I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey of life with you!


Lots of love,


Sally xx

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