I guess I’ve always been a bit of a misfit but I’ve certainly never held back when it comes to living my life to the full. 

I’ve been a teenage ice skating champion, shop floor assistant, and bartender. 

I failed magnificently at being a secretary but excelled at multi-lingual fluidity. 

I flew the long haul skies for 23 years for what used to be the world’s favourite airline.

I’ve followed my heart.

I’ve rebelled.

I’ve jumped in with both feet and run in the opposite direction at huge speeds from anything that was deemed traditional, normal and, expected of me.

I’ve partied wildly.

I’ve loved with all that I am and I’ve had my heart shattered into tiny little pieces. 

I’m a survivor of years of panic attacks and I’ve risen out of the loneliness of deep, dark depression.

It was only when I started my healing journey into self-discovery, after the sudden death of my father, that I finally began the journey home to Me.


It’s my innate gift that allows me to connect and hold space for you to have a direct and personal connection with a multi-dimensional, galactic collective consciousness. They are Star Beings.  I move into an altered state of consciousness (trance) to embody their high vibrational presence and allow them to use me as a transmitter for their healing and my voice box as a way to communicate their vibrational Light Language and spoken guidance directly with you. I literally become their anchor upon the earth and their ‘channel’ for communication and healing.

It’s a profoundly powerful, moving and enlightening experience that expands your heart, awakens your mind and frees your soul.  I know this form of channelling is rare, and it may well be a leap of faith for you, but as I have discovered in my own life, if it feels right, you just have to follow your heart and be open to the limitless possibilities that await!


I may not fit the expected image of a channel and healer… I swear, I love a glass of cava and I have a dark sense of humour (I blame that on my oxygen-deprived years of long, long night flights) but the first time the Star Beings spoke through me,  over 10 years ago now,  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had found my purpose, my role, my ‘thang’, and me.

The love was undeniable.  It shook me to the core but took me into a bliss that is impossible to describe. I’d never felt anything like it in my life.

It’s been one helluva roller coaster ride that’s for sure. 

Channelling the conscious collective of Star Beings to bring powerful awakening, transformation, breakthrough, and healing to all those that come into their presence.


So here I am now, in my mid-fifties, married to the most amazingly, patient, and wonderfully non-wuwu husband in the world. We live off-grid in the Spanish Alpujarra mountains.  It’s here where my heart soars every time I look out the window, stand on the roof, or drive our crazy rocky track, back towards civilisation. 

It’s here in these stunning mountains that my heart and the Star Beings have found their earthly home.  It’s literally where heaven meets earth.  It’s where my channelling has transformed and grown into the group and personal experiences of today. It’s where I host personal retreats and it’s the space where I’ve answered the call to return to my first love, being out in nature, and being an advocate for animals.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.